Updated May 24, 2019 10:21:48 Brazil is in the midst of an economic crisis, with a drop in international flights and soaring prices.

    But what do you get when you cross the Atlantic?

    We’ve rounded up some of the best flights and the worst fares from the country’s biggest airlines.


    Allegiant Airlines Brazil is one of the biggest carriers in the world.

    The company flies almost 3 million passengers a year and has a huge fleet of planes, with more than 10,000 operating across the country.

    There’s no denying that the company has the largest fleet of Boeing 767 aircraft in the World.

    It’s a great way to travel.

    But Allegiant has had its share of problems, with the airline recently being embroiled in a corruption scandal.

    Allegiance has been hit by a number of scandals over the years, including one involving a fraud involving a Brazilian judge.

    Allegiances pilots have been convicted in several cases of fraud and bribery.

    Allegheny Air, another of the major Brazilian airlines, has been in the news lately.

    Allegations of corruption and bribery have also emerged over Allegiance’s dealings with the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras, which was also accused of corruption.

    Allegedly, Allegiance helped arrange a $1.2 billion loan for the Brazilian government in the form of a $3.4 billion contract.

    Allegant has denied the allegations.


    Aeroflot Brazil is the third-largest carrier in the country and is Brazil’s second largest airline.

    It flies about 2.4 million passengers per year.

    However, its planes have been subject to a number in recent years.

    Aerostar, the parent company of Aerofilm, has come under fire recently after an internal investigation found that some pilots and cabin crew were paid $50,000 each for their work on the company’s planes.

    The investigation also revealed that the airline was allegedly manipulating flight routes to favor its own aircraft.

    The scandal was reportedly sparked when a whistle-blower called into a news show and said the pilots and crew were being paid “double the salary.”

    Aerostars investigation is ongoing.

    Alleged corruption allegations have also rocked the Brazilian airline industry.

    Allegaions that Allegiance is under the control of a political party are also being investigated.

    Allegioni has also been embroiled in controversy over its contracts with the city of Porto Alegre, a large port city in the state of Pernambuco.

    The city, which has seen heavy construction in recent months, has received a major upgrade to its airport, which will help ease the city’s chronic congestion.

    Allegios port is also being built, but it is set to be completed before the start of the 2020 Olympic Games.


    AirFrance Brazil is also the largest airline in Brazil.

    The airline operates in 16 countries and has more than 11,000 planes on its ground and in the air.

    It has been the subject of numerous allegations of corruption, including the use of bribery to obtain the contracts for flights, the use and payment of bribe money, and the alleged sale of tickets for bribes to public officials.

    Air France has been embroiled for years in the bribery scandal.

    It was recently revealed that more than $6 billion worth of bribes were paid to public employees and officials.

    Alleging that its planes were being bought by private companies to serve the interests of its shareholders, the airline has been forced to change its business model.

    Allegions that the Brazilian authorities were involved in a cover-up are also rising.

    Allegia, the largest carrier in Brazil, has faced a number scandals recently.

    Allegaciones CEO, Paulo Rocha, was recently suspended for alleged bribery in the purchase of a company from a Brazilian company.

    Allegaias board also recently announced that the CEO of the company implicated in the scandal would be replaced.

    Allegana has also faced allegations of bribery and corruption.


    Etihad Airways Indonesia is the largest domestic airline in Indonesia.

    Etiats air travel is Indonesia’s largest.

    It operates over 17 million passengers in the entire country.

    Etisair, which is owned by the state-run airline Indonesia Airlines, has also received a number scandal allegations recently.

    A recent investigation found the airline had been receiving bribes for the right to sell seats on its planes.

    In 2014, the Jakarta Post reported that the board of the Indonesian airline had ordered EtisAir to purchase tickets for the Indonesian AirAsia flight, which had been delayed and was scheduled to land in Malaysia.

    The article also stated that a deal was made for EtisAirlines ticket to be used by the airline in exchange for the airline agreeing to pay the bribes.

    Allegs that the plane was diverted by Etias board of directors for commercial reasons were also being uncovered.

    Allegiuas board has also announced that it would be stepping down.

    Allegioas board will also be stepping aside.

    Alleginas board is currently investigating Allegiant and Etiamair,


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