BAHAMAS, Laos — For the first time, Laos’s government has banned the use and use of electronic devices in public.

    A decree issued Wednesday prohibits use of all types of electronic communication and devices in the country, which has seen a rise in public-health and social-health-related issues in recent years.

    The decree also stipulates that people can only use public transport or use public facilities if they are wearing a seatbelt.

    It also prohibits the use or possession of electronic media devices, including tablets and smartphones.

    Laos’ National Commission for Health and Health Safety issued a draft regulation for the first instance in 2018.

    The draft said the government is committed to providing timely information about the health risks posed by electronic devices and to encourage all users to monitor the use, use and disposal of electronic data.

    The draft also stipulated that people may only use buses, coaches, public transport, and public places if they wear seat belts and have a face shield.

    It added that any use of personal electronic devices is strictly forbidden.

    In May, the country was the first to ban all electronic devices, although many countries have since followed suit.

    A similar decree was issued in September 2018.

    Lao’s government says the ban is necessary for health and safety reasons.

    The country also has an elevated incidence of diabetes and hypertension.


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