India’s Tourism Department has said that the country is “not planning” any changes to its visa policies for Australians seeking to visit its shores, as the Australian Government looks to relax visa requirements.

    In a statement on Monday, Tourism Minister M.K. Chaudhary said India would not be changing its visa policy for Australians wishing to visit India for business, pleasure or cultural reasons, but would consider “all available options”.

    “India has always offered visa-free travel for Australians.

    India does not plan to change its visa regime for Australians,” Mr Chaudhy said.”

    The Australian Government is currently reviewing its visa requirements to see if there are any changes, and we expect to see this review concluded early next year.”

    As such, we are not planning to change our visa policies in India.

    “India has long had an extremely open visa regime, which allows anyone to travel without visas.

    Mr Chaudhdary said while the country’s visa requirements were “far from being strict”, it did not want to restrict the travel of Australian expats.”

    We expect the visa requirements of Australians living and working in India to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future,” he said.



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