When the summer of 2017 came to a close, I left home for what I thought was going to be a short vacation in Alaska.

    It wasn’t.

    I spent three days living in an RV, living off of my own money, and working in my own field.

    I made the trip for two reasons: I needed a break from being an employee of the world’s most powerful organization and I wanted to experience Alaska for myself.

    My two years as an employee were a whirlwind of highs and lows, but it’s hard to imagine my current job without my experiences in the outdoors.

    It’s hard not to think about the job and the life I’ve created.

    But back in 2017, the weather was miserable, I had no car, and there was no reason to think that I’d get a full-time job when I returned.

    My first summer back was pretty stressful.

    I was working as a travel agent for a travel company, but my clients were not really interested in a full time job.

    I got tired of the repetitive, long hours and tired of being the one telling them they had to make the most of their vacation.

    I also didn’t want to take a vacation at all.

    I didn’t really have a lot of money in my bank account and it was really hard to find a job.

    In an effort to find work, I tried looking for freelance jobs online and found a few opportunities on the back of a car.

    I had my first car, which was a 2004 Nissan Skyline, but I was stuck on a street that was really rough.

    I started looking for other jobs online, but none of them would hire me.

    Then, after the car broke down, I got an offer from an intern at a travel agency.

    I accepted, but the company told me that I had to find an office somewhere in the state and pay a small fee to be approved for an internship.

    So, I drove to Anchorage and met with a coworker who offered me a job at a hotel.

    I signed up, and within two weeks I was getting paid $15 an hour for two weeks of work.

    I knew I wanted a fulltime job, so I left my job and headed to Alaska to work as an outdoor salesperson.

    The first year was an amazing learning experience and a blessing in disguise for me because I didn’t have to worry about money.

    I learned that being an outdoor enthusiast does not require a car or a degree.

    I have a good feeling about what I’m going to do in my next job.

    It doesn’t require a degree or even an office in Alaska, but when I get the chance, I’ll get it.

    I’m excited about what my future holds.

    What is your dream job?

    Let us know in the comments below!


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