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    The United Arab Emirates is the first stop on our trip, but the rest of the Caribbean is quite a ride.

    Our itinerary takes us from the tiny town of Abu Dhabi to the island of St. Martin, which is famous for its wine.

    After we visit St. Pierre de Foy, the island’s most famous restaurant, we reach St. Croix, the home of the famous Saint Bernard.

    The rest of our trip takes us to St. Thomas, St. John, St Helena, St John Paul II, and St. Bartholomew.

    In the Bahamas, we take a ferry from Nassau to St John’s, which we take for an evening to a small island known as St. Matthew.

    The next day, we return to St Matthew with a dinner cruise.

    Our itinerary ends at St. Francis, the most beautiful island in the world.

    We reach St Francis, which has the world’s tallest church, in time for the feast of Saint John the Baptist on March 10.

    In this church, a beautiful stained glass window displays the Virgin Mary.

    On our way back, we stop in St. Mary’s Church in St Augustine, which serves as the home to St Luke, St Matthew’s sister.

    Our next stop is St. Anthony, which also has a church.

    St. Augustine has two major cathedrals, St Mary Magdalene, which holds St. Peter and St John, and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

    We then stop in the tiny island of Capri, which was the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI and is also a popular tourist destination.

    St Augustine also has one of the most popular museums in the Bahamas.

    We then arrive in St Thomas, where we visit the St. Paul church, the oldest church in the archdiocese.

    The last stop of our cruise is St Bartholomeus, the birthplace and burial site of Saint Peter, which contains the remains of some of the greatest saints in the history of Christianity.

    Our final destination is St Martin, the largest island in Saint Martin.


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