The Oxfordshire airport is the only British airport that charges for flights from London to Oxford.

    The airport, which is situated in the heart of the county, charges the same fare for flights to and from Manchester and Leeds as it does for flights elsewhere.

    Here is how it works.

    Flyers pay £1 for every one-way trip to Oxford from London.

    If you want to fly to London you pay £2.50 each way for flights out of Oxford.

    If the destination is Manchester, you pay the same price as for flights on the other side of the country.

    If London is your destination, you get a discount of £2 if you fly from Oxford to Manchester, or £2 each way if you are flying to Leeds.

    A similar deal applies for flights between London and Leeds.

    The same fares apply for flights within the same state.

    If Oxford is not your destination you get an extra £2 for every flight you take.

    You can only book flights from one of the airports listed above.

    If your flight is in one of these three airports, you will pay £7.50 extra for every round trip, but you can also book a round trip from any of these airports for £9.

    The only exception to this rule is the return of flights to London, which will be free.

    The fares are valid from June to October.

    A separate fare for the return flight, from Oxford back to London at the end of October, is only valid for round trips from one airport to another.

    This article first appeared in The Times Of India, the digital version of The Times, on June 9, 2018.