Travel sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor have been offering a comprehensive list of the top Boston destinations, with many boasting a whopping 1,000 reviews or more.

    While many of these sites have come under fire for charging steep fees, the website says it’s still a good option for bookings, and that a variety of deals can be found.

    “There are so many places to explore,” it says.

    “The sites will let you book the best of them.”

    For example, the Expedia guide to Boston offers more than 1,200 options, including a number of spots for weddings and birthday parties.

    The TripAdrian Guide also includes a wide variety of options, with reviews ranging from average to stellar.

    “Boston has plenty of places to experience, from museums to breweries to restaurants to restaurants,” the site says.

    “[You can] easily find places to grab a quick bite and a drink.”

    While the websites are geared towards those who are looking to travel, they also offer a wide range of experiences that are popular with tourists, with a number even featuring the most expensive destinations.

    “You can get an amazing deal on a hotel room, a great deal on tour packages, or a great price on a trip to Paris,” the website adds.

    “This is where the travel is at.”

    For those looking for a quieter, more casual experience, the site lists places like The Beach House, a bar with a focus on live music and a great atmosphere.

    “The Beach House is the perfect spot for a date or two.

    You’ll have a great time,” the guide says.

    You can also find a great bargain on flights to any of the most popular destinations, from Las Vegas to Sydney, with prices ranging from $800 for an upgrade to $1,500 for a one-way ticket.