Travellers in Ireland should be on their toes this weekend as the Irish Railways begins its autumn season.

    Indigo’s travel information service, which will be available for free to all passengers, has been upgraded to give passengers a more detailed view of what the rail network offers to them.

    Indego is the first app that will offer this information to passengers as it provides an accurate picture of how well trains run and are on time, which is critical when it comes to travelling to and from places like Ireland.

    It is a move that will be welcomed by travellers, who will now have an easier way to see how much time their train will have on track ahead of their journey.

    While the service will be offered free to customers travelling from March 1, passengers will be charged for the duration of the season.

    This will apply to all rail travel to and between Ireland, including the Northern Ireland line, which has been running for five months, with passengers still being able to book through the app.

    However, customers can also opt to pay for journeys using their own card, which may be easier to use if they travel to a location with limited card options.

    Indigos main aim is to help passengers make the most of their travel, with more than 200,000 people booking train tickets each week, according to the firm.

    There are also plans to roll out the app on the rail fleet, with the service currently being available in most major Irish cities.

    The service, launched in 2016, is being rolled out by the Railways in partnership with the Irish Tourism Board.

    While travellers can still book trains on the platform, the app will allow passengers to book in person and have the train delivered.

    This is not the first time that the Irish railways have rolled out an app, with a similar one being available for passengers to view in October 2016.

    The app will be launched on the Northern Irish line, as well as the Southern and Dublin lines.

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