article The American conservative website Breitbart News has published a lengthy article titled “The U.S. Is a Place Where It’s Easier to Be Stupid than to Be Brave.”

    In the article, Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow writes: The United States has become a place of absolute fear and terror.

    In this article, I want to make it clear that the U.K., the U (sic)s own citizens, and other Western nations have not lost their souls.

    The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, and Canada are no more afraid of ISIS than the United States.

    The fact that they’ve lost their minds to the terror of ISIS and that they’re now facing their own civil war is an indictment on all of us.

    And yet, in the U of A, we have seen some of the most extreme reactions of any nation to ISIS.

    We have seen the death and destruction of entire cities and towns.

    We’ve seen the burning of schools, hospitals, mosques, and the murder of civilians.

    We see the destruction of the very fabric of the country.

    We know how much our country is suffering from this and we’re seeing it everywhere.

    In a statement, the U-K’s Minister for Defence said that the country’s actions are “unacceptable” and that Britain will not accept any foreign interference in its domestic affairs.

    The British Prime Minister has said that British forces are “committed to protecting the lives and safety of our people.”

    In France, where ISIS has declared a caliphate, the country has seen violent demonstrations against ISIS that are “savage” and “unbecoming,” according to French President Emmanuel Macron.

    In Canada, the Canadian government announced that it is banning the importation of goods from the U to the U., a move that will affect all citizens in the country except those who have Canadian passports.

    The U.A.E. has also banned the import of food from the European Union, a move it is expected to make in the coming days.

    On Monday, the European Parliament voted to suspend all trade with the U and to ban the U’s membership in the European Economic Area.

    In response, the Trump administration said the U will continue to be a member of the EEA, even if it leaves the E.U. in the wake of the Brexit vote.

    Breitbart News reached out to the British government for comment.

    Breitbart Editor-In-Chief Marlow has also issued an apology for the article and said that he regrets the way the article was written.

    Marlow said that his article “was not an attack on the U, but rather an indictment of the U as a whole.”

    Breitbart News reported that Marlow was speaking at a conference called “A Conservative Voice: Conservatives and Democracy” held in New York City on Thursday.


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