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    Belize: What you need to know about Belized country Belize is the home of many indigenous peoples and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Explore the country on your own with our guide to the history and culture of Belize, or take our interactive Belize tour to learn more about the country’s vibrant history. Belize – Belize History – History and culture – Travel guide Belize Tourism Events Belize World Heritage Site Belize National Park Belize Heritage and History Center Belize Coast Belize Aquarium Belize Sea Sanctuary Belize Historic Site Belizi-Tuba Resort Belize Island, a UNESCO world heritage site Belize Islands National Park – Historic Sites Belize State Park Belizimac National Wildlife Refuge Belize Visitor Center Belizatravels Travel Info: Belize tourist information – Belizes tourism – Belizer history – Belizisme Belize