CHINA’S TOURISM INDUSTRY IS MOSTLY IN REVERSAL After a decade of dramatic growth and unprecedented tourism spending, the country is now struggling to rebuild the tourism industry.

    With only 4 percent of the population living in rural areas, many locals still rely on the tourism sector to provide them with a decent standard of living.

    In the provinces of Shaanxi, Zhejiang and Henan, the tourism sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic, with tourism revenue plunging by up to 80 percent.

    Tourism revenue in the region fell by nearly 70 percent between December and February.

    Some of the major sectors affected by the crisis include hotels, restaurants, hotels and leisure resorts.

    More than 2,400 companies have been shut down, according to the Beijing Tourism Administration.

    More than 100 hotels, resorts and travel agents have been banned from operating in the provinces since mid-March.

    Tourism revenues in the regions have dropped by nearly 80 percent between February and March.

    Many local residents rely on tourism, but many of them also have to cope with the shortage of food, medicine and other essentials.

    Some of the main industries in the affected provinces include tourism, accommodation and retailing.

    The Chinese government has announced a $200 billion rescue package for tourism and tourism infrastructure.

    In the provinces, the number of hotel rooms in China has dropped by more than 90 percent, according the Shanghai Daily.

    As a result of the pandemics, most hotels in the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Guangzhou have closed down, while some of the hotels in Wuhu, Jiangsu and Hunan have also closed down.

    China has announced an additional $1.5 billion in aid to help fund the economic recovery of the regions affected by last year`s pandemic.

    Local tourism is a key source of income for many of the countrys 5 million tourists.

    The countrys tourism industry has been hit by a number of economic setbacks over the past two years, as well as by the worsening economic climate, with China’s overall tourism revenue falling by almost 70 percent.

    Since the pandics, tourism has experienced a drop of nearly 60 percent in the past year.

    The latest data from the Tourism Administration of China (TAC) shows that China`s tourism revenues in February fell by almost 80 percent compared to the same month last year.


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