We know that the road from India to Pakistan is not the easiest to travel, especially in the winter months.

    However, there are ways to get there without having to trek across the Arabian Peninsula and even make it to the border with Pakistan and Saudi and Oman.

    Here’s how.


    Getting There From India To Saudi Arabia The easiest way to get from India in India to Saudi Arabia is to take the train to Saudi City.

    This train departs from Jaisalmer and departs in the evening from there.

    The journey takes around 4 hours, which is less than an hour when travelling on the regular railway from Jaipur to the capital of Riyadh.

    The train is packed with the latest in trains, buses and air-conditioned cars, which are used by hundreds of people on this trip.

    You can also catch a connecting flight from Jaishapur to Riyadh, where the train departures again in the morning and returns to Jaisalmers.

    The fare from Jais, Riyadh to Jeddah is about Rs 8,000.

    This is a very cheap fare, and there are no ticket machines or counters at this station.

    The next best option is to fly from Jaisha in India, where you can take the express train from Jaisa to the city of Jedda.

    This can take you to Jidda in the north of Saudi Arabia, and is only a 3 hour drive away from Jeddahs airport.

    The cost from Jiddah to Jedha is about $12,000, and this is the cheapest option, and the best for tourists visiting the country.

    It is also possible to travel to Saudi city on a Saudi Airways flight.

    The most popular option is for travellers to book their tickets on the website of the Ministry of Tourism, and then fly from the city to the airport, where they can then hop on the intercontinental train from the airport to Jodha.

    This service is usually very cheap, as the tickets are usually booked in advance.

    If you are planning to visit the Saudi capital in the summer, you can book online, and when the train arrives at the airport you can walk up to the ticket counter to pay for your tickets.

    You can also book tickets on Indian Railways websites or at the Indian Rail Passengers Association office.


    Making It to Saudi The train journey between India and Saudi is very similar to the train journey from Jaas to Jidha.

    There are some differences though.

    The intercontinental trains are less crowded, and passengers get on the train at the station instead of waiting in line.

    You don’t need to pay extra to board a train, as you can simply board from the station.

    The seats are bigger and you are able to have more people in your compartment.

    However it is important to be aware that you have to board in a particular section, as they will only have seats for those who have checked in.

    If there is an accident or you have any issues with the train, you should always call the Indian Railway Police and report the situation to the Indian authorities.


    Going to the Saudi City When you arrive in Saudi Arabia you will find yourself in the city center.

    This city is a relatively large city, and you will see signs for hotels and restaurants along with an airport.

    You will also see a few signs for buses and buses and a few billboards for different industries.

    It would be best to book a car from the hotel and then take a taxi from the parking lot of the airport.

    This will take around 15-20 minutes.

    Once you arrive at the Saudi airport you will have to get on a plane for your journey.

    The journey takes a total of 3 hours from Jaissar to the centre of Riyadh, and at the time of writing, there have been no cancellations for this journey, which means that you can easily get there in under 15 minutes.

    The cost for a ticket on the online Indian Railpassengers Association website is Rs 7,500.

    The ticket is valid for up to 3 days, and it is also valid for a short stay.

    However if you need to go on a longer trip in the next two weeks, it might cost you more.


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