Visitors to New York City’s Javits Center, which is home to the NBA’s New York Knicks and New York Rangers, may be used to a certain type of nursing assistant.

    But this nurse has been busted for allegedly trying to take advantage of vulnerable victims, and it’s only been a matter of time before she’s busted for a second time.

    The nurse is alleged to have stolen more than $1 million in cash and jewelry from hotel guests in an attempt to pay for personal expenses.

    Her crimes were caught on video, and the New York State Police have announced the arrest of the nurse in Brooklyn.

    “We have made some arrests and are working to prosecute more cases,” Detective Sgt. Matthew Harker told Vice News.

    “The video has now been released, and we are working on additional charges.”

    The New York Police Department says it’s not clear whether the nurse was trying to extort the guests or just use the money to cover her own expenses.

    The New Jersey State Police are investigating a case of a nurse stealing money from a New Jersey hotel room, which was captured on surveillance video.

    The hotel was closed down last week after it was discovered that the nurses had taken more than a dozen guests’ credit cards and jewelry.


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