Google has launched a new travel website for the Chinese market.

    Google China is a search engine that is based in Shanghai and serves users in China and other regions.

    The new website is based on the Google China app, which has been available for Android phones since June 2016.

    For Google, the launch of the new website comes as the company seeks to make the search engine its primary source of information about the country.

    China is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and Google has long relied on its China app to guide its search results.

    Its popularity in China has been largely driven by the massive growth of its mobile phone market, and the company has been trying to capture more of that market.

    Google China has not been as successful as the US version of Google, but the company is still building out a presence there.

    Google has also recently been experimenting with a new feature that allows users to search through its Chinese app without having to download the Google app first.

    This feature, which Google has dubbed Chinese search, allows users in the country to search the company’s Chinese language dictionary without having the Google application installed on their phones.

    Google also is planning to roll out new Google services in China, including new apps for businesses, services, and educational institutions.

    Google’s plans for China also include a new service that will let Chinese users search for local news and sports.

    “Google has a deep history of expanding into new markets around the world and China is no exception,” Google China product manager Adam Koepp told Bloomberg.

    “China has a rich history of connecting to technology, but we’re now looking to take it to a new level.

    China is now one of our top priority markets for Google.”