Microsoft’s Maps app has a new feature that shows you more detail about your location, including a more accurate depiction of the roads, parks and other landmarks around you.

    It also gives you more accurate street addresses.

    Microsoft says it’s a way to provide you with more context about the areas around you, and is now available for Android, iOS and Windows 10.

    It’s also available on Android.

    A map on the right shows you where you are on a street in the US.

    A map on your left shows the same area around you on a different map.

    Google Maps for Android Now available on Google Play and iOS, Google Maps for Windows is the first app to offer an accurate, real-time depiction of a given area of your city, town or city.

    This new version of the app shows you a zoomable, zoomable view of the area, with information like the nearest schools, businesses and landmarks.

    The new version lets you see where you live and which areas are within the zoomed area, but the main new feature is the new way to view information.

    The app can now show you more details about the area it’s zoomed into, as well as detailed maps for the area.

    You can now see your current location and the map will show you the distance to nearby restaurants, stores and other nearby businesses.

    Google Maps is available for Windows 10 devices.

    For Android, the new app is available on both the Google Play store and Google Play for Windows, and on the Windows Store and Google Store for Android.