Travelers in Palau can now book their Palau vacations on a single travel agency, thanks to a new initiative from the government.

    Starting Tuesday, all travel agencies will be required to have a contract with Palau Travel Services (PTS), which will ensure that travelers are guaranteed the best rates and offers for Palau trips.

    The Palau government announced the partnership with PTS on March 11, 2018, which means that travelers will no longer have to wait for the government to find a travel agency that they can trust.

    The partnership will also allow travelers to book the same flights, accommodations, and other services as they would on a traditional travel agency.

    For example, a traveler booking a Palau vacation through a PTS vacation booking agency will receive the same service packages as one booking through a traditional agency, including all meals, airfares, and the same baggage charges, according to the announcement.

    This is not the first time that the government has partnered with travel agencies in Palaus territory.

    Earlier this year, it partnered with a travel agent in Tulum to create the Palau Tourism Network, which also serves as the travel agency’s travel guide to Palau.

    The government also partnered with another agency in Pala, the Tourism Authority of Pala Rica, in an effort to bring more tourists to the country.