A recent survey by a group of travel experts has found that most people in Indonesia do not realize that they are in a “state of limbo” in regards to the ability to travel abroad, according to the Jakarta Globe.

    According to the survey, over 50 percent of respondents said they are unsure if they can get passports or visas, while the remaining said they do not know if they have the right documents.

    A majority of the respondents also said they have trouble paying their taxes.

    “People who don’t have passports, can’t get their taxes done,” said Nana Banda, a travel expert at the Jakarta-based Institute of Travel Economics and Management.

    “They can’t pay their taxes.”

    While Indonesians are often quick to blame foreigners for the country’s economic problems, Banda pointed out that most of the country is not directly affected by the economic crisis, as they have been working in the fields of agriculture and construction, which have been affected by international sanctions imposed by the United States.

    According the Jakarta Post, more than 100 million Indonesians live in areas affected by sanctions, and some of them have already been barred from going abroad.

    The country is in the midst of a major political crisis, which has forced the government to issue travel advisories to foreign visitors, and has also sparked protests in the capital, Jakarta.

    The Jakarta Globe said that the survey revealed that most Indonesians were “very concerned” about their future in the country, but that they were not aware of the restrictions and difficulties they faced.

    “The number of people who said they had not yet got a passport or visa was higher than those who said that they did not know that they have a visa,” said Banda.

    “More than half of those who reported not knowing they have an visa said they did.”

    While there is a general sense that Indonesians will be able to travel, the survey also showed that the majority of Indonesians do not understand how to use the country to travel.

    “Most Indonesians don’t understand that they need a passport and visa to travel outside of their own country,” Banda said.

    “There are still a lot of people in the general population who don, and are not aware that they should be doing so.”