Honduras is a very different place from Mexico.

    It is a land of contrasts and it is the world’s poorest country.

    The US is known as the land of opportunity and it has a lot to offer.

    However, Honduras has been in crisis for years and has not been a particularly welcoming place to foreigners.

    We are going to cover all the basics of traveling to Honduras.1.

    Honduras has some of the lowest rates of air pollution in Latin America and is a major hub for illegal drugs.2.

    Honduras is home to a lot of the world, including the largest military in the Americas.3.

    Honduras enjoys one of the highest rates of homicides per capita in Latin American and is one of only two countries in the world where one in three people has experienced some form of violence during their lifetime.4.

    Honduras also has the largest Muslim population in the region, and is home the second largest Muslim country in the Middle East, with some 40% of the population.5.

    Honduras boasts one of Europe’s highest literacy rates.6.

    Honduras offers some of its best beaches, beaches with some of Mexico’s best surfing.7.

    The capital, Tegucigalpa, is a city of more than 7 million people.8.

    Honduras ranks as one of Latin America’s safest countries, despite being a place that has been plagued by drug-related violence and violent crime.9.

    The country is home a majority of the country’s farmers.10.

    The population of Honduras is about 85% Muslim, and the country has a large number of refugees from Honduras, mostly of Central America.11.

    Honduras recently passed a law allowing its citizens to travel without a passport.12.

    Honduras remains one of Honduras’ poorest countries.13.

    Honduras suffers from one of world’s highest homicide rates per capita, with one of three countries in Latin America having the highest rate.14.

    Honduras’ population is mostly of Hispanic origin, and many Hondurans speak Spanish.15.

    Honduras suffered a devastating earthquake in 2011, killing an estimated 1,200 people.16.

    Honduras was one of several countries where anti-government protests occurred, in response to President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s decision to withdraw from the United Nations.17.

    The Central American country has one of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador’s highest poverty rates.18.

    Honduras hosts the world body of the World Health Organization, and has a thriving medical tourism industry.19.

    Honduras had the highest number of sexual assaults in Latin Americas.20.

    Honduras, the third-largest city in the hemisphere, is home of a large and vibrant international art scene.21.

    Honduras continues to be a center for illegal trafficking of women, particularly in the country.22.

    Honduras hosted the 2010 FIFA Women’s World Cup and was ranked as one the top ten most-visited countries by foreign visitors in LatinAmerica.23.

    The United States and its allies have been conducting drone strikes in Honduras.24.

    Honduras maintains an active peacekeeping mission in the Central American nation.25.

    Honduras received the world premiere of the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker in March, starring Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington.26.

    Honduras saw a spike in the number of people fleeing violence in 2011 due to the government’s decision in June to legalize marijuana.27.

    The Honduran government has made a number of arrests related to drug trafficking.28.

    The state-run airline, AirTran, has operated flights to and from Honduras for several years.29.

    The majority of Honduras people are of Hispanic descent.30.

    Honduras does not have a public health insurance program.31.

    Honduras ranked last in the UN’s Global Gender Gap Report, and had a higher rate of female homicide than any other country.32.

    The national currency, the peso, is worth about three-quarters of a US dollar.33.

    Honduras holds the world record for the number and size of earthquakes, with more than 1,500 in the last 20 years.34.

    Honduras currently has the world worst rate of HIV/AIDS in the Western Hemisphere.35.

    Honduras receives a lot from the US, with about 70% of its gross domestic product coming from exports and the rest from imports.36.

    Honduras sits on the Panama Canal and has the second-largest number of transshipments of water.37.

    The world’s largest canal is located in Honduras, and can transport 1.5 million tons of crude oil per year.38.

    Honduras accounts for almost half of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.39.

    Honduras produces about two-thirds of the Honduran gasoline and oil used worldwide.40.

    Honduras regularly hosts Latin American leaders, including former President Jose Miguel Insulza, the leader of the ruling Honduran Socialist Party.41.

    Honduras exports $1.3 billion to the US each year, with the majority of that coming from the Central and South American region.42.

    Honduras borders Mexico and Nicaragua, which both have very strong governments.