Recode editor-in-chief Kara Swisher talks to Recode senior editor Kara Swann about the big news coming in the world of travel, and how it affects you.

    Read More , which comes with no minimum spending required and includes travel alerts, and which will cost $1.99 per week.

    It will also have a one-year contract and will be available to anyone with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card, regardless of where they live.

    It has a price tag of $1 a month, but this doesn’t include a credit card or bank statement.

    Read more about the passport travel guide here.

    It comes with a handy calendar of all the passport and travel destinations on the planet.

    You can add a trip to the calendar and it will notify you when you can book a flight. 

    To be clear, the cost of this is not going to be cheap.

    But the fact that this guide includes all the world’s travel options and alerts you about all the big ones like airlines, hotels, restaurants and so on means you will get to see the full breadth of travel options from the UK and Europe, and it should be well worth the price.

    This guide will be updated regularly as more information is released about this new passport.Read more


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