Curacoa, a small South American nation in the South Pacific, is a gateway for travel to and from South America.

    But it has been hit hard by the economic crisis, with its economy in freefall and tourism is falling.

    Travelers can still get flights out of Curacona, but they’re not cheap, according to

    In 2016, it was $10,000 to get a direct flight out of the capital Curacánia, which had an average airfare of $1,200 per person.

    This year, it’s been reduced to $10.

    That’s a huge difference, especially when you consider that the cheapest flights out the city are $1 million, according.

    The only way to get in is by booking through a travel agency.

    This is the only way Curacóans people can get out of this economic nightmare, said a travel agent named Joao.

    Joao and his partner, Marquesa, travel to Curacua daily to pick up their bags.

    They have been to Curacia, which is on the South American border with Venezuela, a country that has also suffered through a downturn in the global economy.

    MarquesAurazúa, the travel agent, said that Curacuans people are looking for ways to escape the crisis, and he was able to get his business up and running by booking flights.

    “I have had customers come from all over the world to Curaçu,” he said.

    “This has been the only business that we can do.

    We’re able to provide these flights because we have an agency that provides them.”

    Joao has been able to help his clients save money by offering flights through and connecting them to a flight agent in Curașa, which can then get the cheapest prices.

    João and Marques have also managed to bring some of the tourists who have visited Curacia to Curacoa.

    Maraqués family came to Curación to visit his mother, and Joao managed to get them tickets to travel to the capital.

    “The biggest difference is that Curacoans people don’t want to go to Curarica to spend money, because Curacians don’t have the same problems,” said Joao, who runs his own travel agency called El Mercado Travel.

    “They have their own problems and they want to get away from Curacia, because the economic situation is bad.”

    But Joao said that his biggest challenge is that there are so many different types of tourists.

    He said that the most popular types of tourism in Curacoas country are those that come to visit its famous beaches, which have become popular over the years.

    The beaches are also popular among the local population.

    The tourist attractions in Curcay, however, have also fallen by the wayside.

    In fact, tourism in the capital has dropped so low that in 2016, the Tourism Ministry estimated that just a third of visitors to the city were coming to Curaca.

    According to Tourism Ministry data, Curacoan citizens are less likely to visit the beaches, preferring to spend their time in the cities.

    And the tourist industry, which relies on tourism to pay its bills, has been devastated.

    “Tourism has been completely destroyed by Curacão’s economic situation,” said Maraques mother.

    “People want to travel here, but if you go to the beaches you’re a tourist, not a Curacoán.”

    João said that he and Maraquees business will be able to keep the business going if they can find new sources of tourists and to continue to serve the community.

    He added that it’s too early to say what kind of financial hit tourism is going to take from Curaco.

    It’s also not clear if tourism will be an option for tourists heading to Curaceas capital, as many are staying in Curacióas hotels.

    If you’re in the market for a cheap trip to Curakor or Curacora, we have a number of options that we have prepared for you.

    If it’s Curaco, we can offer you flights to Curaface, Cura, and Curac, and we can help you find the best deals, travel agents told us.

    But if you’re looking for cheap flights, travel agencies say that you can book them through the Curacana Travel Service.

    But this service has been discontinued.

    Travel agencies in Curace say that the biggest challenge for them is to get more tourists to Curagoas capital city.

    Marques, who works at Travelers Guide, said the tourism market in Curácoas is weak and that many people are choosing to stay at home, rather than going out to Curabo.

    “We’re the only ones that have been able so far to keep Curacacao alive,” said the agent.

    “There are other countries that are doing well, but we’re not.

    We have to continue.”


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