Budapest, Hungary — — The British tourist industry in Hungary is on the rise, with an estimated 5,000 people coming to visit the country each day, according to the UK-based Tourism Industry Association.

    The number of Brits who travel to Budapest each year has risen from a little over 500 in 2014 to more than 2,500 in 2018, according the association.

    British tourists who live in Hungary are more likely to come for business or pleasure than for cultural or historical reasons, and are more willing to travel abroad.

    The UK-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, which represents the tourism industry in the country, expects the British industry to continue to grow.

    The chamber says it’s seeing a new wave of British visitors coming to Budapest.

    The Chamber says that while they’re still small, there are more and more British people who are spending money in Hungary than anywhere else in Europe.

    “We’ve seen a lot of activity from people who came to Budapest last year who have been planning their holiday for the year.

    They’ve seen it on TV, they’ve been to the local market and they’ve visited the museums and the historical monuments,” said Michaela Molnar, the chamber’s executive director.

    Molnar says this year’s tourists are looking for a more cosmopolitan and modern experience, but that it’s also a sign that Britain is returning to its traditional ways.

    “The UK is a very cosmopolitan country and this is reflected in the number of tourists coming to the country every year.

    It’s just that for a lot more people, they’re not going to be coming to Britain as a result of a cultural or cultural trip.

    They’re going to come to Budapest as a way of living,” Molnari said.

    Budapest’s reputation as a cultural and historical destination is not a secret.

    The city’s famous ancient temple, the Hagia Sophia, has been home to many visitors since ancient times.

    Many British people visiting Budapest have said that the Hagiya Sophia has changed their perception of the city.

    Hungary has seen a similar resurgence in British tourists since the beginning of the year, with the number now estimated at about 4,000.

    This year, the UK has been in the news for its handling of a deadly attack on British tourists in Budapest.

    According to the International Association of British Travel Agencies, British tourists are visiting the country more than any other European country.

    The association says this is a good sign for the tourism sector.

    “I think there’s been a bit of a backlash from the British government and some of the public are really upset with the way things are going,” Mowrer said.

    “So, this is just one more sign that we’re starting to see that, in some ways, we’re coming back.”


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