Croatia’s Travel Bureau says it is taking steps to make the country’s tourist information more trustworthy, following a surge in fake travel websites in recent years.

    Travel bureau chief Jiri Zajic said the bureau has updated its policies and protocols to ensure the country is not only making sure tourists know their rights, but also that travellers are safe when visiting Croatia.

    The country’s tourism authorities have been working on a new approach, Zajicevic told the Croatian news agency ARAB, and are now sharing travel advice and other information with local media outlets.

    The bureau is also using a mobile app to notify travellers of any suspicious or suspicious activities that may be happening in the country.

    Croatia has seen a spike in tourist scams, including the recent murder of two Croatian tourists in the southern city of Trnava, but Zajici said the new guidelines are more about protecting the countrys tourism industry.

    “We have to think about what kind of information we have,” Zajovic said.

    “We have information from hotels and restaurants, but we have also from travel agents, hotels and hotels.

    What are the safety measures?

    How can we protect the country?”

    Travel agents are not the only ones trying to improve the country s tourism image.

    Croatia’s government is also taking steps that could increase tourism.

    Zaji said that the country would be offering free holidays in 2018, which will help boost tourism and the economy.


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