Two Israelis are returning home after spending two weeks in Germany.

    The wife and husband decided to take their family with them after a week-long trip.

    The trip included visits to a restaurant and a museum.

    They were greeted by the sound of a car engine in the distance and the words, “Welcome home.”

    After a while, they realized the engine had been heard again, but it was coming from their home.

    “We thought that was the first thing that we heard,” said Nisha, who is 25 years old and lives in Jerusalem.

    “And then we realized we were still in Germany.”

    While they were waiting for the car to pull away, they heard a woman’s voice behind them.

    It was a woman who had told them she was taking her daughter to a zoo, and that her husband was with her.

    After that, Nisha realized the car was coming to the village of Wiesbaden, near the border with Germany.

    “It felt very good,” she said.

    “I felt that I could stay here, in this place, and feel comfortable.”

    The couple were reunited with their daughter and son-in-law at the zoo.

    When they returned to Israel, the couple’s first question was, “Where are we going next?”

    It was in Germany that they realized that there was a whole new world of travel.

    The trip was just the beginning for Nisha and her husband, Gideon, who are both 29.

    They had never traveled to Germany before, but the idea of going was so much easier than they expected.

    The couple met in Jerusalem, and their trip was planned from the start.

    The two met in the Israeli tourism ministry and they were told the plan would take about three weeks, during which time they would spend three nights at a hotel.

    But, before the couple had a chance to prepare, they got a call from their hotel.

    “They said, ‘Your name and address have been changed.

    You’re not allowed to leave the country,'” Nisha said.

    They weren’t allowed to return to Germany, so Gideon and Nisha had to stay behind in Israel.

    The next morning, Gideon was in tears when he saw the woman with his daughter and asked her where her daughter was.

    “I just started crying,” Gideon said.

    The woman said she was not allowed back into Israel, but Gideon knew that if he had to go, he would go.

    “She said, I’m not going anywhere, I have to stay here,” Gideon recalled.

    It took a few days for Gideon to realize what was happening.

    “When I heard her, I was in shock,” he said.

    “She was crying because she was crying about something that I have never heard her cry about,” he continued.

    “And she was scared and didn’t want to leave me,” Gideon added.

    “My wife was scared too, because I didn’t know how to react,” he added.

    Gideon said he never expected his wife to take his daughter to the zoo in the first place.

    “We didn’t realize that was possible,” he explained.

    After the couple arrived in Germany, they went to the Zoo, but not before they took pictures and had a chat.

    “The zoo was amazing,” Gideon explained.

    “The animals were very happy and playful.

    They were very friendly.

    We were a little bit overwhelmed.

    I was really nervous, but I felt safe and happy.”