The cost of a one-way flight in Sweden or Finland is almost the same as the cost of flying to the United States, according to the website of the airline’s official Finnish partner, Finnair.

    But Finnair’s official Swedish partner, AirBaltic, said the cost is more in line with other European countries, such as Denmark.

    The cost per person for a flight from Stockholm to Helsinki is about €2,500 ($2,900), AirBalti said.

    Finland’s cost for one-stop flights to the U.S. is about $5,600, according the U-T San Francisco Chronicle.

    For comparison, the average price of a domestic flight to the continental United States is about about $8,600.

    Finnair says the average cost of two one-day flights to Denver is about the same, and the average ticket price is about 20 cents more.

    The airline also offers free, one-week charter flights from Sweden to the American West Coast.

    The company said it doesn’t sell or advertise any of its services outside Finland.

    It also says it does not advertise for other airlines or services, and it doesn, however, allow customers to rent out seats.

    The only other major competitor to Finnair is JetBlue, which operates a fleet of planes and has been offering flights from Chicago to Boston and from Seattle to Denver for years.


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