The world’s largest country to Iran’s southeast has been in lockdown since early October, as authorities try to contain a threat from a new strain of the flu that is spreading at alarming rates.

    But some travellers have managed to visit the country, and are now wondering what to do if they get stranded in Tehran or elsewhere.

    Here’s everything you need before you head to Iran:Where to visitIran’s largest city, Shiraz, was put on lockdown for several hours after an emergency measure was announced in mid-October to curb the spread of the H5N1 coronavirus. 

    The move has caused panic among travellers, as it has caused shortages of water, electricity and food. 

    But many have managed – or are preparing to try – to get into the country before the lockdown is lifted.

    In an update to travellers on Monday, Iran’s Ministry of Tourism said travellers should not travel to Iran until the end of November, the month of the Iranian New Year, to avoid a shortage of water and food resources.

    This article was amended on Monday 20 October 2018. 

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