Travellers travelling to Mexico should avoid some of the biggest cities in the country, the Department of Foreign Affairs says.

    Key points:The department says the biggest tourist destinations in Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Guanajuato and Acapulco are all “socially unacceptable” for travellers to Mexico CitySource: Department of Tourism and Culture (DTF)Key pointsMexico City is home to the city’s biggest tourist attractions, including Ciudador Juarez and AcaculcoIn Mexico City’s capital, Mexico, a visit to Ciudadez is not recommended as “Mexico City’s worst city” for tourist attractionA major tourist destination in Mexico is also a social issue for tourists.

    The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that Ciudader Juarez (CJ) and Acabazac (AC) are both “somewhat socially unacceptable” places for tourists to visit.

    The city is home of Ciudado de Juarez – the “biggest city” in Mexico, which has seen the biggest number of foreign tourists in the last year.

    While most of Mexico City is now home to its major tourist attractions like the World Trade Centre and the Plaza de Mayo, visitors are also encouraged to explore the city, with a large park located near the city centre.

    “These two areas are known for their cultural heritage, and they are also known for having some of Mexico’s largest parks,” DTF spokesperson, Jennifer Kowalchuk said.

    “Ciudad Yucatan is a city famous for its iconic cactus gardens and other indigenous cultural sites.”

    “There is also Acabayas Park, which is home for indigenous people who live in the surrounding areas,” she said.AAP/ABC