A group of travellers has decided that it’s better to travel abroad in India than to live in a country that has a higher crime rate than their home country.

    The group of travelers, headed by Indian entrepreneur and activist Manish Agarwal, are asking the Government of India to do more to stop the country’s rising crime rate and has called for a ban on the sale of alcohol in bars, restaurants and public places, as well as for the creation of a national crime database.

    Agarwal said in a statement to The Hindu that a ban was the only way to curb the rising crime levels in the country, where the police reported 1,200 murders in the first nine months of the year, a 40 percent increase on the same period last year.

    “A ban on alcohol would solve a lot of problems,” said Agarwals partner Praveen Bhagwat.

    “There is a large and growing population of alcoholics.

    But we are facing a problem of crime which has to be addressed by law enforcement.”

    The group wants to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking in public places.

    “The country is being built on the blood of its young.

    We don’t want to live like this,” said Bhagwat.

    The group is now in discussions with the local police.


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