By Peter Hessler,Reuters, October 27, 2018 04:21:11The average person in Europe will visit the country he or she is visiting more than once in his or her lifetime, according to a survey of 1,100 Europeans conducted by travel company Expedia, which also polled travelers from around the world.

    But it is a question of when, not if, you should visit.

    Travelers have long enjoyed traveling by plane, boat or train, but as the global economy slows and airlines have faced competition from private carriers, the number of people travelling is on the decline.

    The survey of 4,500 Europeans in 25 countries from April 2018 found that in the last year, the average number of visitors was down 5.4% to 6.9 million, and the average length of stay fell from 7.2 months to 7.1 months.

    But the survey also found that the number who have ever traveled by car, boat, plane or train rose by almost 30%.

    “We are very aware of the importance of mobility and accessibility, and we want to make travel to the country of choice for our customers as easy as possible,” Expedia CEO Alex Kipman said in a statement.

    But the survey did not take into account whether the traveler planned to stay in the country, travel by train or drive, or whether he or her parents had chosen the destination.

    The number of Europeans who had ever traveled to a destination by plane or boat fell to just 7.5%, down from 15% in the previous survey.

    Travel companies have been struggling to compete with private carriers.

    Expedia and JetBlue said in October they would no longer accept American Airlines tickets to Europe, citing the need to reduce the cost of fuel.

    And American Airlines, which operates in the United States, canceled all scheduled flights to Europe from April until June.

    Kipman did not disclose the reasons why American Airlines was cutting the European flights.

    Airlines are also facing pressure from Congress to reduce costs.

    Some airlines have asked Congress to require airlines to use technology to cut costs.

    Airlines said in March they would cut flights to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen by 30% from April 2019.

    The European survey was conducted online between April 26 and April 28.


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